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It’s FOR Construction Professionals BY Construction Professionals!


UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM is THE standard prequalification system for commercial construction firms in the U.S.!

UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM brings together commercial construction firms in a single, online location, allowing them to register their qualifications, manage their pre-qualification process, and find & be found for project opportunities. Our system is robust, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly. Our secure portal allows companies to quickly post their qualifications at no charge.

Who came up with this system?

UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM was founded in 2018 by the owners of a successful Owner’s Representative firm. With over 30 years combined in the construction and IT industries, we understood that a standard, national, online prequalification system was needed to make the process easier and more cost effective for all. So, we developed UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM.

At UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM, we believe Subcontractors should focus on delivering their services rather than repeatedly completing mundane paperwork. We also believe that Construction Managers and General Contractors should focus on their projects’ success instead of dealing with a paper-intensive, disjointed prequalification process. Finally, we know that Property Owners, Property Managers, Construction Managers, & General Contractors all desire to find the most qualified construction professionals for every project, both large and small.

Is UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM just a registry of companies?
UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM is not just a registry. UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM’s powerful prequalification process allows firms to prequalify just once a year. Clients can then find your Company based on your credentials, and you can find the help you need for your projects as well.
How much does it cost to register?
Companies can register and run searches absolutely FREE of charge. No obligation. No credit card required.
Can I pay to have my firm at the top of the search list?
Your firm should be promoted solely by your hard work and qualifications. As such, there is no advertising on the site and firms cannot pay to have their name appear first or in bold letters in our search results. If your firm meets the criteria that a client is looking for, they’ll find you on UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM.
When would I have to pay?
You are welcome to maintain your Company Profile for free on UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM for as long as you like.

UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM also offers more advanced features that come in handy if your Company regularly prequalifies firms for commercial construction work. These features are offered through our Subscriptions, which can be purchased for a nominal fee on an annual or monthly renewal basis.
How much information does my Company have to provide during registration?
We encourage all firms to fully complete the UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM registration and prequalification process in order to better represent the services your firm offers.
To complete registration, do I have to enter my Company’s prequalification data all at once?
No, for each section you can save what you’ve done and come back at a later time to complete your registration. However, we highly recommend you finish the process within a few days of starting so potential clients can see what your firm has to offer as quickly as possible
How often do I have to update my Company data?
You can update your Company’s registration and prequalification data any time. To ensure that UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM has the most reliable information in the industry, we ask every Company to update their data at least once per year.
Who do I contact if I need assistance with UNIVERSALPREQUAL.COM?
Please email us at . We are happy to help and will respond within one business day.